Whedonfreak976: Atheism will not bring a more moral society.

One of the topics i never really talk about on the internet is religious vs non religious beliefs. Because i know that you will not convince people of their hardcore beliefs, or non beliefs you are simply not gonna change their minds. But as of late i have had to speak up, because we have a new group of atheist, who seem to think that if we got everyone out of religion, and if everyone was an atheist, then there would be no wars, racism, sexism, and homophobia, SMH!

Ok, i know that one of the reasons some people reject religion is because of how religion receives homosexuals, women, and minorities. But i had to start asking myself this after seeing a very hateful comment from an atheist, does being an atheist give you a moral high ground? The answer is simple, NO, it does not,  atheism is about a non belief in a deity. There is no moral attributes to atheism, now an atheist can be a moral person, you do not need a deity to have good morals, that i know for sure with some of my wonderful friends.

What i take objection to is from these militant atheist who one of them actually said and i wish i was joking, that there was NO sexist, homophobic, or racist in the atheist community. I really just wanted to fall on the floor laughing, Anyone who has seen a Pat Condell video, or seen Fringeelements, well he is not FE anymore, but still, you would know that atheist can sure as hell be even more racist than even some of the most radical Christians. Not all, but some.

I think this atheist idea of getting rid of religion would get rid of our problems is no different than the derp Austrian economist give when they say that gov debt is killing us, it is a reactionary way of thinking, and i have this fear that the atheist are becoming the new Austrians, they use emotion, and not rational, and they have some of the most angry, and silliest debaters, (think thunderf00t) so i just think when my civil minded atheist friends (the azov, gary, jaclyn) Tell me mike atheist are more civil than Christians, while that is true to some degree, again it depends on the individual, i fear it is our society itself that is the root of the problem not just religion.

So this started me to thinking that maybe religion is not the core problem of our society, do not get me wrong, religion has caused a lot of harm, but that maybe it is humanity itself that has lead to the mess we are in.

According to Atheist, religion is man made, and that it is thousands of years old, ok so are you trying to tell me that humanities problems have only been around for thousands of years? Give me a break, there is no way to know what we dealt with before we started righting it down,  we have no idea how much killings, wars, and such went on. So that right there defeats that talking point,  because maybe religion was made for trying to figure out our history, or to control all the chaos, for  some atheist to claim that religion is the cause of all the ills in the world, is just a silly claim, sure you can say religion in the hands of crazy people can ruin a society, but anything, including socialism, atheism, etc in the hands of the wrong people will implode. Remember it was Christians who did help in the Civil Rights movement, to let women be allowed to vote. So to just say that religion does nothing but bad ignores what good people have done with it.
I mean think about TJ the Amazing Atheist who told a rape victim that they deserved to be raped, and he hoped it happen again, sorry folks but religion did not make him say that, Richard Dawkins got a lot of people angry, ok now good for them a lot of atheist even got onto Dawkins From the huffington post:
All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.

And yes he did get blasted from Atheist for this kind of racist remark, so good for them, but does it also show that there are wacko Atheist who can, and will say the same type of racist garbage as radical Theist. Yes.

From the raw story this is showing how atheist have lied, and twisted the words of PZ Myers. From the raw story:

I recommend reading PZ’s entire post, as it’s a stellar example of the kind of “critiques” that the rabid anti-feminist cult comes up with of feminism, including disingenuously quote-mining PZ to make it seem like he said the opposite of what he did, which is basically an admission of not having an argument. To summarize: Someone on the Atheism+ forum, which is a pro-social justice atheism forum, posted a fairly straightforward argument that is a good example of blending skepticism and feminism, pointing out that douches are unnecessary and even bad for your health products that sell by exploiting misogynist narratives framing ladyparts as dirty. What’s funny is this is a non-controversial point from a science perspective, and the forum poster made that clear by linking a study that compiled decades worth of research on douching, concluding that not only is douching not necessary, but it contributes to conditions such as PID and ectopic pregnancy. What the forum poster was doing was traditional skeptical work: Pointing out the social pressures, in this case misogyny, that cause people to make choices that the scientific evidence strongly recommends against. It’s no different than, say, attacking anti-vaccination nonsense.

OK i know there are lots of cool atheist, but i want them to know that guys, and girls just wanting religion to go away is not gonna even scratch the surface of what is really ailing humanity, it is our own fear, hatred, and mistrust, humans just use religion to mask their hatred, and fear.

Another reason i am telling you this is so more people will listen to you, if you keep shouting, and trying to demonize religious people, sure you will score points with your fellow atheist, but you will also will lose out on getting through to someone else, which would you listen to someone who wants to be nice, but debate your point of view, or someone who attacks you, and calls you names?  Keep calling the radical atheist out, it gives rational atheist credibility, this is what religion did wrong, it took too long for the rational theist to call out the radicals, and now more people have a bad taste in their mouth over religion because of too much corruption, and hatred. Religion quit focusing on the peace, and love aspects of the bible, and too much on the fear, and hatred in the bible. So do not turn a blind eye to atheist hatred, and bigotry, it has really hurt Christianity.  Quit droning the Hitchens play book ok? You will not reach people by just attacking them, they take their beliefs serious the same as you do.

In other words it was quote mining time. When i see garbage like this i fear that Atheist are becoming the new libertarians, Atheist are sticking the the same old Hithcens talking points, it is getting kinda sad actually, does that mean that theist are better? HELL NO! But if Atheist think that being an atheist makes them more moral, then they already defeated their argument, because religion or no religion, there is always gonna be scum bags, Atheism is not the cure, even the more secular countries like Sweden, and Norway look at all the racial tensions there, so maybe, just maybe it is not religion itself, but humanity that is the problem.


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