WhedonFreak976: Is the gop dead?

I keep hearing my liberal friends go MIKE THE GOP IS DEAD! They base this on many factors, the changing dynamics in america, (more lation’s blacks, and asian among many) The youth having a different set of values, (like gay marriage is ok, and so is legalizing pot) And also the frustration people seem to have with the gop, since congress’s approval rating is lower than communism. That is sad, but i want to give the dems, or anyone who hates the gop a warning sign, that it might not be so easy to take them down.

We have heard this before, the democrats win and the gop get killed in an election cycle, the media starts with a firestorm of articles like THE GOP IS DEAD, then in 4 years the gop get back into power. And people are just shocked, but we really should not be, and i am gonna explain why in this blog.

I grew up a democrat, but most of my family is republican though, they drink the right wing kool aid, but see this is one of the reasons why i think the gop will not die, there is too many people out there with this DO NOT TREAD ON ME mentality, it is passed down from generation to generation, it is fear instilled in these poor kids by their parents, that the gov is gonna enslave them, to fear the brown people, and that only guns will protect you.

It is like the south is still reliving the civil war, but it is one of the low tactics that the gop use to win elections, ever since LBJ signed the civil rights document, the south for the most part has voted Republican. So in order for the gop to truely die out, the south would have to change completely, and that just does not seem to be happening. But what do the gop do to keep southerners brain washed? Well not just southerners, but also people in the suburbs, or the middle class, well let’s take a look.

1st dumb down the people, think about it, we have one of the worst education systems in the world, and with a less educated populace our elected leaders can lie to them, and make them more likely to believe the lie, think about it, if you cannot get a quality education, then you are not gonna according to international business times, the USA “Ranked 17th” In the top 50 countries, or industrialized countries”. Actually this article is from 2010, but we have slipped now to 26th. So this is a troubling sign, but why dumb down people? Well to keep them believing anything you tell them, also keeping people in poverty keeps them in fear, and keeping them uneducated they will blame the wrong people.

Which brings me to the next one, the media, when things go wrong think about it, you are not in a good place, and everything is falling apart, you will want to blame something, but the media which used to be the truth bear for the common folk, has turned into corporate machines who feed people, fear, and ignorance, this is why the gop have a army of sites like CATO, the heritage foundation, the mises institute, the john birch society, some call these libertarian sites, but the gop use them too. Oh yeah freedom works, there is a lot of sites that spread misinformation, take for instance the ACA, which i am not a huge fan or, but as of late sites like these have been saying that Obama promised to not drop people from their coverage, or to change it, which has been happening, but what these sites are not telling you is that is that companies are dropping people from their plans, just to save money, and improve their profits line, do you see this on ABC, NBC, or CBS? Or even MSNBC? Do not even ask about fox lol. So see if you are the average person, and you work all day, and either A have no internet access, or B you have limited time to the internet, and you go to the news, who is supposed to keep you well informed, are you gonna hear this a lot? No, Why? To keep you uninformed, the right do this to taxes, and other topics so that way all they have to do is shout MORE TAXES! And you have the masses running like it is the zombie apocalypse on steroids, and people are none the more wise.

If you cannot win fairly, cheat! The gop have used gerrymandering as a way to redirect districts to keep seats, say is a county went democratic the last election, or the gop lost votes due to changing demographics, well all you have to do is move where the votes are counted, and then you can keep your seats more easy, the dems got 1.4 million more votes than the gop in the house, but yet the gop kept the majority due to gerrymandering. Moving districts around helped some tea party, and gop keep their seats, even though they lost the popular vote.

Fear, it works, the gop use it like i said, people are programmed to fear those dirty brown people, or fear the gov, that they are gonna take your guns away, or that the gov is gonna force your kids to have an abortion, i hear this all the time on social media sites. These big media figures like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’ Reiley, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck do their best to brain wash people, and sadly because people are so busy, and hate their lives, they turn to these dolts for so called information, and just believe everything at face value. But that is what these politicians want, think about it, if people had more time to search, and look for themselves, then the same people who these gop politicians play like a fiddle, then would have to face people who would ask questions, and they do not want that, to answer why there is so much poverty, why low taxes on the rich has not created jobs, etc.

These are the tactics that the gop use to keep their power, why? Because they know without a lot of the gerrymandering, and misinformation, that they would hold no power, i do not think that the gop will die in the near time, but the real test will be when our country shifts demographics, in the future there will be more minorities, than whites, then what? How will the gop appeal to these groups with all the fear, and finger pointing of it is the brown people’s fault they have done? This is gonna be hard for them to get over, do you think these kids are just gonna forget what the gop has done to their families? But will there be enough southern pride, and misinformed people to keep the gop in power? Will the libertarian party take over the gop? I do not know, all i know is the gop is in trouble, and if their voters keep ignoring this, the problem is only gonna get worse. They might not die, but the gop will not ever be the majority again.


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