Why do people kill?

People say we are just creatures of instinct, that even if we try that we are just gonna give in to what we are made to do. But that does not explain why there are those who kill, because there are people who get horrified of the thought of killing someone, but yet, some could care less who they hurt. I am just wondering why this happens? What makes someone not want to care, if they take another life, some people say, well it is because of their environment, but that does not explain the killers who come from decent families, and end up killing someone.

I want to know why there are those who can just beat, torture, and kill someone, and not feel bad about what they have done. To look at the horror in someone’s face, and not care that you are about to end their life, and ruin the lives of those around them, i just cannot understand how someone can just kill. Maybe i cannot explain it, but i did read a interesting article from every day psychology, about the characteristics of those who do commit murder.

From everyday psychology:

Chronically Aggressive Individuals
Easily frustrated, limited or poor impulse control
Frequently express anger or hostility
Resents authority, defiant with supervisors.
May express hostility through “passive-aggressive” behavior
Believes violence and/or aggression are legitimate responses to various interpersonal problems in life (i.e., if someone provokes you, you fight back)
Although they might never admit it, pleasure or reinforcement is derived from the expression of anger (i.e., it feels good to blow someone off; it makes you feel alive; it gives you a sense of power)
Often display the characteristics of a “stimulus seeker” – they engage in bold, fearless, or reckless behavior and are prone towards substance abuse
Most typically, violence occurs in a situational context: an offense, fight, or disagreement
Sometimes just get carried away in a particular situation (domestic violence, child battering)
Less likely to engage in acts of unexpected “explosive” violence

The Over-Controlled Hostility Type

The Hurt and Resentful

The Traumatized

The Paranoid

The Insane

The Just Plain Bad & Angry

It does make sense, look at the people who get killed, women, and men who kill for finding out their partner cheats, or someone who was bullied, or someone who always feels like the world is against them, Hitler fell into a few of those. We know Hitler was a monster, but why did he do what he did? He blamed the Jews for the German economy going down (actually it had to do with not nearly enough money to pay for all the overspending on WW1) And he was blinded during WW1, and he was told that we was not gonna be a good artist, so his mind must have snapped, and maybe in that moment, he lost all ability to care. I will put up a link to the article so you can read more.



I know it has some to do with our background, that for a lot of people who kill, it is based on their life experience, and how they have been treated.


Another popular theory is that brain washing has something to do with someone murdering someone, think about it, if you are not in control of your own actions, then that might explain why you would do something that in your right mind, you would not have done, that you are not controlling your own impulse, or your own actions, that it is something else taking over your body that is causing you to act irrationally.

From princtonedu:

Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated”.[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.


So to some people, they do not look at killing someone as bad, think about it, Hitler was killing the Jews because in his mind he thought that Jews ruined the German economy, and he had this idea of only blond hair, and blue eyed people being the perfect race. So to Hitler the holocaust was justified, meaning that to them killing was moral, and he brainwashed enough people to support his idea of a perfect society. That a person like Hitler convinces people who have been bear down in life that it is someone else’s fault, and this kind of talk can brainwash these individuals to believe that even the most heinous act can be justified, that is why their is racial murders, murders of homeless people, and gay people, when the media, or our elected officials brainwash us into thinking that someone is the enemy, fear, and mistrust build up, and that can cause the most rational person to act out, but it does not explain the people who do not do this, and keep their head about them.

I just read a brilliant article, where it might help explain why humans kill, from kuufhn:

Other animals besides humans have an amygdala, but in less complex brains the amygdala is not as connected to other parts of the brain as it is in humans. After operations that deactivate the amygdala, uncontrollably aggressive monkeys become tame and docile, other animals coexist peacefully with natural enemies – vicious dogs coexist peacefully with cats, and cats with mice. The amygdala in humans is part of our highly complex limbic system. This part of our nervous system is key in human emotions and automatic responses.

See in our brain which is more complex, our amygdala, spreads more through us than an underdeveloped creature’s brain. And that this can cause an overreaction by a rather rational person. And that is what gives us an more aggressive edge to us.

But also the article talks about how people can be corrupted by beliefs and ideologies that when they hold these beliefs so dear that anytime anyone wants to change how things are done, then that brings out our primal instinct of wanting to protect our way of life, maybe that would explain why there is so many wars over religion, and how a country is run. Maybe it is better to look at things with a more objectionable mind, more open to ideas that we could think more clearly, instead of reacting out of fear, and hatred. Heck i have even gotten really angry at people who disagree with me, but i think it might be time for me to open my mind up. That sure it is ok to think the way you want, and that you can debate and show people who you think you are right, but this overreaction of people, and their ideas is just getting out of hand, i see so much hatred to me, and others on political sites, i made some decent fb friends, but lost them due to debating a topic. It is quiet silly. And sad, so what we need to do is simply open up to other people’s beliefs, and their way of life. The article also said if we would quit grouping people together, and talk to an individual, you might like that person, some fear might go out of your body, and you might hold less hatred to that group. Also when we get too passionate, we do loose our empathy, and that is really what will cause us to not care if we do harm to another.

In the end there are many of factors that go into why people kill, but maybe if we had a more accepting society of different ideas, a more educated society, cable of more critical thinking, and debating, maybe if instead of fearing a minority, or someone with different religious beliefs than us, maybe, just maybe if we sit down, and talk, and get to know each other more, we might make more friends, we might get rid of our hatred, and fear we hold, just maybe we might be able to take back love, and our compassion to others. And have a more loving, and understanding society.



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