Ron Paul=DERP

For the longest time Ron Paul supporters have screamed that he is a champion of liberty, and that he never sells out, so when the elections in VA came up so did Paul choose the libertarian candidate? Nope he picked a man who wants to ban blow jobs, and jail women for a miscarriage, Ken Cuccinelli, who paul said was a constitutionalist, lol this is a good one. So from ABC news:

“I don’t know whether Ken calls himself a libertarian or not, but I know he’s a constitutionalist, so he’s an ally,” Paul told an enthusiastic and markedly younger crowd at an event in Richmond Monday night.

So Ron Paul had a chance to back the libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, but nope he chose the big gov establishment gop. Oh that is not all old kooky Paul has done, he is also wanting to declare civil war due to obama care. From addicting info:

Ron Paul gave quite the speech on Monday. In it, he called for nullification of the federal government. He also subtly flat-out stated that we would have to resort to the Second Amendment to stop Obama’s “tyranny.” Remember the good old days when Republicans didn’t threaten violent revolution every couple of days?

In his short but rambling speech, Ron Paul fed secessionist red meat to the eager and clueless crowd:

I’ve been working on the assumption that nullification is going to come. It’s going to be a de facto nullification if it’s not legalized. Because pretty soon things are going to get so bad that we’re just going to ignore the feds and run our own lives and our own states.

So here Paul is really going nuts, calling for an all out civil war, i mean i am not a big fan of the ACA but for pete sake, but Paul wanting a civil war over a law just shows how kooky Paul is, that just over the gov mandating HC this loon wants us to go to war. This is why i never liked that tool. To all his supporters, i want to hear your excuse for this loon, i mean for so long i have heard “RON PAWL IS FOR FREEDUMB!” Well, what now? Did he not know Ken was for banning blow jobs? I mean did his freedom sensors not go off? All this shows is Paul is not a libertarian, he is an ultra right wing radical.





2 thoughts on “Ron Paul=DERP

  1. Hey Freak, Ron Paul ran on the Republican Party ticket, did he not? He often verbalized to those who actually listen, that the Republican Party had lost its way and that he wanted to see it get cleaned up, much like the corrupted Demo party should do. If you choose to dramatize what he says about out of control government and paint it with violence, it says alot about your own
    corrupted writing style or agenda. He is saying that when government gets out of hand, you FIRE it, not fire ON it. Get it straight. It’s a Donald Trump moment.


    1. OK here is a comment, of well? BLAH so? He spoke about it? That means nothing if his ACTIONS do not back up his words, again why not debunk the article, but then that would ruin your image of your god right?

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