Stupidest people in politics

Yeah this is when i rip up dummies in the political arena so let’s get stared.

1st from the daily kos NV tea party member Jim Wheeler, he told a crowd of voters, and this is from the raw story:

(W)hat if those citizens decided they want to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if that’s what the citizens want, right Jim?”

Wheeler told the audience of Republicans, “yeah I would.”

Now we know politicians say crap all the time, but Jim here brings a new meaning to the word tool. When i hear my conservative friends say mike the tea party is not racist, i want to believe that, and not every single member is i know, but Wheeler shows that there is good old fashioned racism left in the radical right. Hey Wheeler, let’s bring back women not voting right? There has to be a line, anyone with any morals would have said no. I mean Andy Gump has more common sense than Wheeler does.

No2 John Boehner, old captain orange seems to think that there is no discrimination for firing LBGT, from the new civil rights movement:

John Boehner today came out swinging against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The Speaker of The House issued a terse statement hours before the Senate is slated to vote today on the legislation that would protect LGBT Americans from being fired — for being LGBT. Boehner’s spokesman warned against the bill, claiming it would cost straight Americans their jobs, and falsely stated that LGBT people are already protected from being fired — a claim that’s egregiously false.

Boehner’s spokesperson said the Speaker believes ENDA will “cost American jobs, especially small business jobs,” and added it will “increase frivolous litigation.” How that is possible was not addressed.

Ok now Boehner seems to live in fantasy world, where there is no discrimination in the work place against LBGT, so let’s give old King Orange some facts why don’t we?

From upworthy:

29 States Can Fire You For Being Gay. Is Your State One Of Them?

It is a map of the states, and a lot are southern, but some are in the north. So 29 states can fire someone just for being gay, in the work place, so tell me Mr, Orange, er Boehner, that there is no discrimination for firing LBGT?

From policymic:

According to studies from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, between 15 and 43 percent of LGBT people have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace as a result of their sexual orientation. Even more staggering is the proportion of transgender individuals who have had such experiences: 90%. Furthermore, only 21 states have passed laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the law only extends to include gender identity in 16 of those states.

So please Boehner before you give a speech, do this thing called research, you know google is your friend.

No3 Dave Daubenmire, he says that it is unchristian to not let christians to bully gays, is a form of bullying christians, SMH! OK, so you are saying that if christians do not to get to discriminate against gay people, then they are bullies? OK i am breathing, so all that jesus loves you, and you are fine the way you are is just a bunch of crap? Sir you insult the name of Jesus, and what he stood for, go and lay your head in the ground, you do not deserve to speak of a man of peace.

Nest up No4 Barack Obama, ok Mr President, you do know that your healthcare roll out has been a disaster, and before anyone says well you know the gop where gonna try to ruin this, yes, so he should have been extra careful, and ready for all the site crashes, and all the trouble that the ACA is already experiencing, Mr, President, this is the policy you are gonna be most remembered for, and with all the glitches, and goofs already, Mr President this law is gonna have a bad name before the first 2 months are up, and people wanting ACA is dropping, so now our move to a single payer system is gonna be harder, all this is gonna give fuel to is places like fox, lying about how inefficient a gov program (which the ACA is not) but it gives them room to say this. So way to go Mr President, your plan is off to a horrible start, and the right are just gonna eat it up, and their people are just gonna blindly believe this.

So this has been a big week for people doing STUPID things in politics, sorry if people do not like that i put the president on here, but the fact remains, even president can, and will do something stupid, i will not remain silent when the president screws up. So SPIP it is done, it was a good week for me, but a bad week for america.


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