Burry Reaganism.

Every time i go to a poll when the people are asked who is the best president of all time, is it FDR? Eisenhower? Nope Ronald Reagan…..REAGAN! Oh dear god why? I mean Reagan was the worst president ever! Iran Contra, he broke up unions, lowered the tax rate on the rich, held the Iranian hostages so he would win the election, he outsource jobs, made the working class more poor, the rich more rich, and when he was gov of CA, he said “If it takes a bloodbath to silence them (the protesters) Then so be it.” Reagan was the president who laughingly coined the term compassionate conservative. When you look at what policies the right have imposed , or try to impose on our country in the last 30 years, well they are far from compassionate. And all of our presidents are held up to how they stack up to Reagan, this is driving me nuts, Reagan was not a good president, he was the worst thing to ever happen to this country. And he created a culture of greed, and ignorance, defunding education, creating the right wing commission, getting rid of the fairness doctrine, and has helped lead to the collapse of our economy.

But what causes this love affair with Reagan? If the American people actually knew what Reagan did, and his policies, you all would hate him. A lot of times we have a delusional vision of someone who we idolized like Michael Jackson who was not a terrible person, but he turned out to be a damaged, and sad human being. Well at least Jackson did not ruin the economy, ruin the gop party, help run up a debt, and help turn our economy into a free market nightmare.

But first Reagan was a governor of California. While in office Reagan got rid of the mental institution there, having a lot of people roam the streets, (so much for compassionate conservative) And in jail. And on skid row, it was Reagan who did this. Also compassionate ronnie said this about the protesters of the vietnam war at the university of berkly from snopes com: “If it takes a bloodbath to silence the demonstrators, let’s get it over with,” in reference to the 1960s student unrest at Berkeley. Now Reagan did later retract, but does this sound like a compassionate person? Not to me it does not.

And how did Reagan get to be president? Well the economy in the 70’s was not in good shape at all. Prices went up, and we had a recession in this time period. But the big reason why people elected Reagan was that Carter scorned the American people about over consuming, and Carter did not go into Iran, and get the hostages. But on an episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Keith showed an audio tape of Reagan talking to the president of Iran, and how he wanted the hostages released AFTER Reagan won the election. I will attach a link to the video so here it is from you tube. From someone called ammiralowling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBXTG__8pfg
That was just disgusting, and low.

Now let’s get to what a lot of right wingers like to crow about, his economic policies. Reagan came in with the idea, (well actually he puppet Friedman, who was a Nobel peace prize winner, it was his idea) That gov was the problem for the economies woes, and that if we just let business correct it’s own mistakes, and to tax the “job creators” less, that the wealth would trickle down. Well 30 years later, and look at our economy, what has it produced? More wealth for a few, but 3 hard recessions, 2 economic collapses, and an unemployment rate that has reached over 10% 2 times. Over 12 million jobs have been outsourced, our manufacturing jobs rate has went from 20% down to 11%. Our income gap went from 30% to 600% the effects of Reaganomics are still being felt, and yet a lot of people still think this man was a good president, i miss him about as much as a ulcer. Reagan started a war on the air traffic unions, and other unions, my dad was a coal miner for 20 years, and because my dad was a union man, he lost his job in 1984. So i have been effected by Reagan’s cancerous policies.

Reagan gets so much credit for being tough on foreign affairs. When Reagan had the Iran Contra scandal. When Reagan threw Oliver North under the bus for the sales of arms to the Iranian Gov. So how patriotic was Reagan? Oh for his right wing worshipers, Reagan said that Social Security did not add to the debt. Also Reagan said that automatic weapons where not needed to protect anyone from harm, so he is not your right wing god you think he is.

From us history dot org: http://www.ushistory.org/us/59b.asp

In the link it talks about Reagan dropping taxes to 34% but he raised spending, by doing that, he increased our debt 3x! So when people speak of Reagan balancing the budget, you really need to do some reading people. Military spending went through the roof, but wages started to go down, this is what started to hurt America, so what did Reagan do? He gave people easier access to credit cards! And people went nuts buying things they could not afford because their jobs got shipped overseas, and their wages got cut just so wall mart could get billions more. This is what Reagaonomics has done to our society. And believe me there will be a cash soon, and it will make the 2008 crash look like nothing.

Oh it is your fault America, we hold our past 4 presidents to the standard of “What would Reagan do?” Because according to a gallop poll here is the link: http://www.gallup.com/poll/146183/americans-say-reagan-greatest-president.aspx

Reagan beat out JFK, and FDR as the best president ever. I mean my god. Reagan ran up the debt, sold arms to Iran, started America on it’s dependency on credit, and not real income, and had hostages held until he became president, oh, wanted students shot, and let mental patients roam the streets, and jail them, the man was a monster. As Keith Olbermann famously said, Ronald Reagan is dead, and he was a horrible president, well let’s bury his god awful policies with him!

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