How to improve race relations?

Since the beginning of our existence we have divided ourselves, we like to hang around others who look like us, act like us, and think like us, and we get scared when we see something, or someone who is different, it scares us, but you think with time, that we would get better at accepting people who are different from us, but when Obama got elected, and Trayvon Martin got shot, our racist underbelly started to pop up, It is like we have not even made any progress at all.

So how can we move forward? I mean sure our young kids have made some progress, because unless kids are taught any different, kids do not pay attention to the color of anyone’s skin, so here is a thought do not teach your kids to hate, i know it is so simple but if it works, it works, kids learn from their parents, so if the parent is prejudice, there is a good chance the kid will be because of what they are taught in the home.

We can improve race relations by showing all races as humans, the media likes to separate us, think about it, if we all got along then the news would lose a lot of its drama, races getting along is bad for business. So we need to think for ourselves, and stop relying on big corporate media to use us to promote their fear to get more ratings. So stop watching them folks.

Next this one will be harder, we need to talk more to others who are of different colors, and races, deep down we are all the same, and we all have the same wants, and needs, we just let things like race get in the way of us talking, i bet if you where to meet someone, and just talk to them, and not pay attention to their race, you would probably see that you both have families, have fallen on hard times, have lost family members, friends, or are in a tough spot, if you just look at that person as a human being i bet you would like them, and you never know, you might make a friend 🙂 I did at the mission a great guy who has been so good to me named Leo, he has shown me so much kindness.

Learn about other cultures. A lot of times we dismiss different cultures, and mock them. That can cause some animosity among races, i mean to the other race our culture maybe stupid, or weird, so instead of just judging their culture why not take time to learn about it. No1 you will educate yourself on a different culture, no2 you might just make new friends. And you never know, you might like some of the customs, that are in their culture, do not just sit back, and judge, i listen to African music, and it is beautiful music. So i try to learn more about Africa, and the culture over there, it will help your mind grow, and like i said you might make some friends.

Also i hate to say this, but to all the minorities, if you see someone who acts like a stereotype, please tell them to stop it, that it gives people who complain about your race more ammo, just do not sit by (I know whites have their idiots, and yes people of white color, call out stereotypes on your race as well ok?) But i know some are gonna say mike, are we not creatures of our environment, and how we grew up? Yes we are, but as creatures of environment we can change our habits, and behavior, our problem is we are encouraged not to do that, and just accept things as the way they are. So people like to conform to what people say is the norm, so people like to have friends, and fit in so we will just go with the norm. If fitting a certain notion about our own gender, or race then we will conform just to fit in.

OK some more, short ones that is. Get passed stereotypes, talk, covered those, it is not hard if we just try, oh a few more, try to curb your fear, that is hard but quit watching NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, ETC, ETC. And learn to use more critical thinking so you can see for yourself weather or not you will make a new friend or not. Just remember we are all the same, we just have different looks, beliefs, and cultures.

Oh also try not to call someone a racist so fast, that word is thrown around too often, try to listen to someone if they are making a critique of a culture just tell them they might not be informed enough, if they are making a racist statement then hammer them. It is hard to tell what is racist, but you can spot some obvious racism. Let’s just try to talk more, and we might learn more about each other, and we might make new friends, and improve our way of life, hey we are all here, we might as well learn to get along as good as we can.


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