America’s cold heart.

For the longest time we have heard how america is the greatest country in the world, and that we are the moral measure by which other countries need to measure up to. But is america really a moral country? Do we have a right to tell others how to be moral? I mean when we think about our past (we raped, killed, and took the native americans land) (It was slaves that built our country, and look at how we have treated slaves, and even know how blacks, and other minorities get treated. I looked up the definition of morality, and here is what i found, from Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy:

descriptively to refer to some codes of conduct put forward by a society or,
some other group, such as a religion, or
accepted by an individual for her own behavior or
normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.

What “morality” is taken to refer to plays a crucial, although often unacknowledged, role in formulating ethical theories.

Among those who use “morality” normatively, all hold that “morality” refers to a code of conduct that applies to all who can understand it and can govern their behavior by it. In the normative sense, morality should never be overridden, that is, no one should ever violate a moral prohibition or requirement for non-moral considerations.

Morality is subjective, a society sets the rules for it’s own version of morality, the problem the US has is, if we do not agree with someone’s version of morality, a lot of times we will be aggressive, and try to make a country conform to our type of morality, so how is this moral? But maybe from our standpoint we are just trying to look out for what is right for them. But we are also supposed to be about the land of the free, and that does not sound like freedom to me. It sounds like we try to police the world.

Since morality is subjective Americans well some of them actually think what we are doing is moral. But if we are to truely be a moral nation should we not look at what our gov does, and how we treat people? To me the people who question the gov, and question how society is run, and how people are treated are the ones who are truely moral because they are the ones who are wanting a better society in which people are being treated better, and people are getting a better chance, my fb sister Karly wrote:

Skepticism far extends organized religion and seethes into modernistic ideals. To quote the late George Carlin “Don’t just teach your children to read, teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything.”

So maybe we can be a moral society we just need to quit accepting things as the way they are, think about this during ww2 95% of Americans did not want to enter WW2, even though Hitler was slaughtering Jews by the ton, it did not matter to us, until Pearl Habor got bombed. We need to not ridicule the people who question the rule of law, religion, and society in general but listen to what they are saying, you never know they might be the ones with the great idea to get our country out of a bad situation, those people are the ones who said it was wrong for blacks to be treated like crap, and women who could not vote, or work, it is people who question who help us see the ills of a society, so America right now has a cold heart, we can melt it, heck it says little of our country when we worship someone like Ayn Rand, one of the most evil human beings ever to slither on the face of the planet.

So to end it it is time America we took a look at ourselves and quit acting like we are the moral code of the world, and that we need to accept things as they are, no it is the people who question, and want to change society that will help our county get better. Let’s learn to communicate better, and listen more, it will be better for our society if we can.


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