The Police can protect, or terrorize

When Trayvon Martin got shot, and killed by George Zimmerman, what did the police do? Did they arrest Zimmerman? No, he did not even get arrested for shooting a young man. And when Rodney King resisted arrest, he got beaten to a pulp. No one should be beaten down that bad. Why does this happen? I have been thinking, and i have come to a conclusion that the police are nothing more than terrorist. I know it says on their uniform to protect, and serve, but look at the occupy protest? The protesters where peppered sprayed, and where these kids really causing damage? No, the police can be used for good, and to protect he citizens, but a lot of times they are used for to protect only the interest of the state, and the corporations. The police who have been sworn to protect the citizens are turning into terrorist, who will strike the citizens.

There are lots of examples of the police who protect people from harm, so it is not a simple case of the police are bad no, some police do their job, and protect people, but others do not, they terrorize, and harass people if they do not like their race, or how they look. I think it is more of a person who is corrupt, but still we have to wonder if money, is involved in corrupting our police force, who will more time then not protect only the rich, and the powerful. I am gonna share some real life stories that will show how those who are supposed to protect us, can be the ones who can terrorize us as well.

A few years ago a woman blogger kept trying to expose the corruption of the police in her city, she ended up committing suicide, and it was intimidation from the police that led her to do this. From Arizona daily star:

Renee Witham, 24, was shot when she pulled a handgun on three officers, said Sgt. Chris Widmer, spokesman for the Tucson Police Department.

The sad part is, this young person was just trying to expose the corruption in the police department, but sadly the police have too much power. But our society has been trained to think that without the police we would not have any law, and order, that maybe the case, but we need to do something to keep the police from having too much power, well what to do? If we privatize the police oh dear god will that be a disaster, because then all business needs to do to keep workers at bay, is sick the police on them, keep em with the gov? That is better, but the gov can be bought off by business, so that will make the police still corruptable, so why not have the people take matters into their own hands? Well this would lead to a lot of chaos, we would have people wanting revenge all the time for just anything, who is to stop someone from going on a rampage!

So, what do we do about the police problem? It is a complicated problem, i mean you do need law, and order, but can the citizens do a better job? I mean without a gov, or big business paying off the police, there would not be police brutalizing OWS protesters. But would it change anything? Maybe we have to put up strict test that the police, or a neighborhood should pass so they can be a police, or whatever. A test of character, of no prejudice, or sexist beliefs, weekly drug test, and back ground checks on violent behaviour. And if someone gets out of line, they get fired. And we have standards like having meeting with the neighborhood, and asking how the police are doing. People should have more of a say so in this matter since it is their neighborhood that the police are supposed to be protecting. It is we who put the police to work, and keep them employed. So maybe the people should have a lot more in the say so of how the police is run.

So the answer lies in what the people want to do, if we keep letting the police get away with things like harassing pan handlers, and just ordinary people, then the police are not doing the job they where set out to do, and the people will start to mistrust the police, so keeping the integrity of the police should be a top priority, and changing it to where the laws are not only benefiting the rich, that would also help out, with money out of the way, why would the police play favorites then? So we will have to make sure that the police work for us, we need to pay our police more, then they will not be corrupted as easily, hold more accountability, and have more input from the people who the police are supposed to be protecting, and no our system still would not be perfect but look at the stats from this link, and you will see that there is too much corruption going on right now.

So it is time the police worked for us the citizens, not just people with money, i mean it does not say to protect, and serve only for the rich, but to protect, and serve. Let’s keep it that way.


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