America, and stupidity, why america is so stupid?

Just look around at our society, and you will see a sad state, people who do not know what words mean, or how historical figures are. You see people cheering at when someone gets hurt, you just figure what is wrong with us as a society? I mean we know that our society has never really been smart, but it seems to be getting a lot worse, i played basket ball with some really nice kids, but they kept using the N word, when i asked them what that word meant, they looked, and said, it means my friend, i just shook my head, at what are our kids being taught in school? I know that no one is really smart, and i am no smarter than the people who watch reality tv, the difference is, i want to learn more, and find out what words mean, when i say i am a socialist, and someone jumps and calls me a nazi, you can tell they do not know what the word socialist means. Or communist, in a huge debate a guy told me that he could make a word mean what he wanted to, i mean really? So let’s let any word have a meaning ok build means to tear down, right? This type of thinking is why i want to cry for my country.

We are falling way behind on education, and we are cutting spending? Really? In a time when we need to raise spending, or reform education, we just keep going on like nothing is wrong with our education system which is completely false we are in more trouble, and our kids are falling so far behind. I am gonna take a look at why we are falling so far behind, and what we can do to improve our situation.

In a study done by Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, in an article done by the huff post science, from the article:
Our technology may be getting smarter, but a provocative new study suggests human intelligence is on the decline. In fact, it indicates that Westerners have lost 14 I.Q. points on average since the Victorian Era.

What exactly explains this decline? Study co-author Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, professor of work and organizational psychology at the University of Amsterdam, points to the fact that women of high intelligence tend to have fewer children than do women of lower intelligence. This negative association between I.Q. and fertility has been demonstrated time and again in research over the last century.

Ok in this study it shows that our reaction times are getting slower, even though our machines have gotten more advanced our reaction times have gotten slower. From the same article:

Other research has suggested an apparent rise in I.Q. scores since the 1940s, a phenomenon known as the Flynn Effect. But Dr. te Nijenhuis suggested the Flynn Effect reflects the influence of environmental factors — such as better education, hygiene and nutrition — and may mask the true decline in genetically inherited intelligence in the Western world.

And here is the big problem education, we have let ideology slip into education, and that is what is causing all of our down ward iq. We have let ideology trump what is best for our kids, we did not know that the original tea party was about a big corporation getting a tax break, when we have been told it was about the people being over taxed. These type of history revisions have made our kids so uneducated, and it makes us fall behind more compared to the world when it comes to education, the us is slipping to no 17th on the world ranking according to the Washington times, is political ideology at work? I mean think about it, when we debate right wingers, they usually loose when it comes to facts, so why not buy off facts? And then attack the info as nothing but liberal propaganda, when in reality it is the right who are putting in teachers, and taking away text books, why do you think Ayn Rand is taught in so many schools? Heck some people want her to be required reading, What this attack is really about is critical thinking, my brother posted a long but brilliant post about why American culture is getting dumbed down.

From truth out by Henry Giroux:

America has become amnesiac – a country in which forms of historical, political, and moral forgetting are not only willfully practiced but celebrated. The United States has degenerated into a social order that is awash in public stupidity and views critical thought as both a liability and a threat.

Think about it, during the presidency of George Bush, how many times where you called a traitor to America if you criticized him? And how many times have you been called an idiot, or someone attacked you personally on a face book political site? And what for? Because someone did not agree with you, and, or you proved them wrong. This is when you make someone angry, they are taught that if you disagree with them, then you must be an idiot, or a traitor to the American way, and therefore you must be insulted, and attacked, but what they do not realize is, it only proves them to be children, and that they lose the argument, and yeah i have seen this from some on the left when i criticize Obama, but not nearly to the extent that the right wing do it.

From the same article:

For instance, the historical legacies of resistance to racism, militarism, privatization and panoptical surveillance have long been forgotten and made invisible in the current assumption that Americans now live in a democratic, post-racial society. The cheerleaders for neoliberalism work hard to normalize dominant institutions and relations of power through a vocabulary and public pedagogy that create market-driven subjects, modes of consciousness, and ways of understanding the world that promote accommodation, quietism and passivity. Social solidarities are torn apart, furthering the retreat into orbits of the private that undermine those spaces that nurture non-commodified knowledge, values, critical exchange and civic literacy.

In other words make literacy work for them, do not talk about the civil war, and if you do, use more friendly terms like interns, or whatever to tone down what happened to the African slaves we had. And how blacks where not that bad off, and that they actually had it good under slavery, which is just a ridiculous notion, but sadly a lot of southerners believe this to relive themselves of the guilt that they feel over the civil war era, and the Jim Crow era. So why not rewrite the text books, and make them more appealing to southerners, and more friendly so that way our kids will not feel bad for what happened to the slaves. Oh interns excuse me 😛

From the same article:

Since the late1970s, there has been an intensification in the United States, Canada and Europe of neoliberal modes of governance, ideology and policies – a historical period in which the foundations for democratic public spheres have been dismantled. Schools, public radio, the media and other critical cultural apparatuses have been under siege, viewed as dangerous to a market-driven society that considers critical thought, dialogue, and civic engagement a threat to its basic values, ideologies, and structures of power. This was the beginning of an historical era in which the discourse of democracy, public values, and the common good came crashing to the ground. Margaret Thatcher in Britain and soon after Ronald Reagan in the United States – both hard-line advocates of market fundamentalism – announced that there was no such thing as society and that government was the problem not the solution. Democracy and the political process were all but sacrificed to the power of corporations and the emerging financial service industries, just as hope was appropriated as an advertisement for the whitewashed world, a culture whose capacity to critique oppressive social practices was greatly diminished. Large social movements fragmented into isolated pockets of resistance mostly organized around a form of identity politics that largely ignored a much-needed conversation about the attack on the social and the broader issues affecting society such as the growing inequality in wealth, power and income.

Just think about it, the Austrians, and the neo liberals, their ideas always got beat up, and lost to the more socialist, and progressive economist, so if you cannot beat them, why not have the koch bros give you friendly teachers who subscribe to your ideas? Then you can brain wash a generation of youngsters into buying your crap, er ideas. So why not do it? I mean the free market, has failed time, and time again, the only time capitalism even remotely worked is when FDR, had it regulated, and it worked ok. But sooner, or later it had to fail, for the same reason, i mentioned in another blog rich people will always want more. But anyway, how many of you out there grew up knowing who Noam Chomsky was? LudWig Von Mises? Even though i do not like Mises, he is an important figure in history, and so many kids do not know who either man is, or what the N word means, our education has been so dumbed down just to fit an ideology, and it also makes sense that tuition has went through the roof, and it makes it harder to educate the poorest, so that way the top can lie to them, and have them blame others at the bottom. Distract people will stories about race, and sexism, so that people are fighting among each other, and not fighting the people who do this.

That is why other countries the more social democratic states like Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark have a higher standard of living, and they have lower poverty, and lower homeless rates than the us, they share their income more, but we are made to believe that if we have a more equal income distribution that it will cause price to shoot through the roof, and unemployment will shoot up, and people are told by right wing think tank sites on what to say, like well those countries have smaller populations, or well they are a different country than the US. Arguments like that which are completely stupid, when you tell them that those countries have less resources, and use less money.

Sadly we are not a smart society, and one reason is because of our education, but there might be hope, the internet, i mean kids can look up whatever they want, and maybe this generation of kids will be a lot smarter than my generation, it is really not their fault, we are what we are taught, and if we are not educated well, then we will not turn out to be as smart as we can be, and the rich and powerful do it to keep us ignorant, and dumb, i admit it was the internet that helped me break away from being misinformed, i have learned so much, i used to be ignorant to a lot of the world, so for people who think i am insulting you, NO, you can get better education, and think for yourself. Do not let anyone control you, or your thinking, do not let the most advertisements sway your vote, look up their record, and see for yourself, read a book on history, read the original, not one by a news show talking head, but an actual historical author, do not let some loon on face book tell you what a word means go to brittanica, and look up the meaning for yourself, we can get smarter, i did, i helped myself get out of my ignorance, so can you. America we can do better, we need to raise spending not cut it on education, we need to reform education, and get better teachers, we need to accept math, and science more, and we need to work harder at our studies, and not party all the time, partying does not get you a good grade ok? Just work to being more educated people, do that, and we will have a much better society.


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