Why do people hate feminism for?

A new study is telling how women are choosing between working, or taking care of children, and the number of women in the work place has dropped a lot in the last 10 years, we know there is a lot of reasons for this, like women who choose to stay home, because they are old fashioned, or because child care is too expensive, or the job takes too much time away from family, etc. But there is another reason, a lot of women are turning on feminism, sure they like some aspects like wanting to work, at least until they get married, and have kids, and having the choice to do what they want, but when you ask a lot of women if they are feminist, they will go, well, i am for equal rights, i am not a feminist, like they are apologizing for feminism, existing.

According to your gov about 42% of young women consider themselves feminist, and that is the highest amount, but it is also younger women who will quit work to become a housewife, so do younger women look at being a housewife, as feminism? That is interesting, since the feminist of the 60’s where back lashing being a housewife. But still the majority of young women still do not consider themselves feminist. So it got me to thinking why do a lot of women, and men hate feminism? Or are scared to say they are a feminist. Well ok in that study, at least women do want equal rights, and such, but they do not like the word feminism, but that is silly, that is the whole concept behind feminism.

Lets look at the word feminism. From the encyclopedia brittanica:

feminism, the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Although largely originating in the West, feminism is manifested worldwide and is represented by various institutions committed to activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

So in other words, if you support equal rights for women, then guess what girls you are a feminist! But the word feminism is about as popular as jar jar binks at a star wars convention. But why? Maybe it has to do with some of the attitude of women thinking they are better than men, but what caused this attitude? Men used to treat women like dirt (still do) And tell them they are no good. So we have to understand why women think the way they do, especially feminist, what if it had been men who would not have been able to vote, or own land, or where not allowed to work? And told you where not good, or smart enough? What if you where told guys weather or not you could carry a baby, if it was your body that carried a child, and you where always told if you could carry the child or not? Try to look at it from their point of view guys. I mean we have not been too kind to the gals.

So when the 1960’s happened, women, some of them did kinda take it overboard, but women in our country a lot of them where told not to report rape, or to stay with an abusive man, and there was a lot of women who looked down on women for leaving a man, even if he was abusive. This is why feminism happened in the 60’s people, you have no idea what your grand mother, and mother had to put up with. And to a lot of women feminism is new to some women, so we should look at it that way. But did some women take feminism overboard? Yeah they did. But does that mean we punish all feminist? No, it is like punishing all African Americans just because a few abused the civil rights movement, but it is not all of men’s fault that feminism is not as popular as it should be.

Look at what is popular in the media, it is Kate having a baby, or what Michelle Obama is wearing, how cute Brittany Spears looks in her new hair style, and it is women who are into this, so it is not just the men who are to blame, this actually though justifies the feminist view that women are just looked at as objects. But when women are the ones who are buying the magazines, and watching the shows that glorify this, then women are to blame as well.

OK the biggest bashers of feminism are the MRA (Mens rights association) Who claim that feminism has done nothing but destroy the American family, and women in general. The MRA blame feminist for taking children away from their dads, feminism for making men weaker, and for all of the court struggles men face, and there is some truth to that, but the issues are more complex. There are men judges, and politicians who pass these laws that hurt fathers, the male judges who sided with the men, and it is red conservative states where fathers get treated the most like dirt, and get took to the cleaners, and think about this, maybe guys you should look at your own gender, the fact that so much pressure is put on men to be a sexual stud, or the money maker, and the protector of the family, and the head of the house, maybe it is not feminist, but this idea of how men should be, or they are not looked at as real men, that is the problem. The MRA are so bombastic with their talking points, they do hurt the conversation, and how men do get hurt in society by yes some laws feminist wanted imposed, but also by the MRA, and how they call men names like mangina, and such just because a man maybe sympathetic to the feminist movement. So do not just blame radical feminist for the problems men are facing, sure some feminist added to your problems, but so has conservatives, and the MRA, who are trying to convince you that feminism is bad.
I know that women have taken men to the cleaners when it comes to kids in divorce court, a family member of mine, he got divorced from his wife, and even though she was the one who cheated, and he was home more with the kid, she got the child, and he had to pay child support. But he lives in a real conservative state, so that does not prove that feminism is to blame, but rather faulty laws.

Sexism is such a hotly debated topic on the internet, you do a you tube video, or face book article about sexism, and you will get a lot of hits, the amazing atheist (rolls eyes) Got a lot of followers by trashing feminism, and of course he backs off to say he is only attacking radical fems, but the amazing atheist has spend the last 6 years appealing to 2 groups, atheist, and mra members. Men feel like they are becoming the discriminated sex in America, and with some good reason, and people like Rocking Mr. E, (what a complete idiot) And TAA just get more subs by suckering these men into thinking they are on their side.

Yeah we do see a lot of pc, and a lot of sexism on both sides, and of course the media does not address this, or how a lot of feminist, have helped men, but that goes against the narrative of men vs women, and the media needs their dividing stories to keep us distracted. We have been brain washed into thinking that women who work are bad mothers, that it is feminism’s fault for getting women out of the kitchen, but that is just simplistic i see working moms who do a good job of raising their kids. So that is just a silly argument. And ok yeah i got a lot of feminist bashing my mom for being a housewife when i was a kid, so maybe some of you feminist need to be accepting of housewives more, it is a growing occupation (for various reasons) among young women. And maybe this might have a reason for some of the hate for the word feminist, there are lots of reasons, but what people keep forgetting is like socialism there are lots of different types of feminist, like sex positive, and moderate feminist, the mra are having you believe that feminist=man hater. And lovely sayings like Rush Limbaugh calling all feminist feminazi’s nice name Rush. I still just think we are so used to men, and women’s roles in society that we think if we change those roles, it will mess up our way of life, and destroy the american family. And also it will ruin the way men, and women interact with each other.

I think what it all comes down to is fear, that men will have no role in society, and that women will not be accepted if we change their role in society. We built up a culture in society where women play certain roles, and so do men, and undoing those roles some think might be the undoing of our society. Which is complete crap. But we have been fed fear from religious groups, and men’s rights groups about feminism we have bought into some of the crap that people have said about feminism, when you ask men, and women if the like the idea of equal rights for women, well hey tend to like it, but you throw the word feminism in there, and people will freeze. I hope people get more education on the word feminism, and learn that any ideology like feminism is bound to have it’s share of nuts, but to punish all feminist for he actions of a few is just silly, and for those of you who think that feminism is gonna ruin women, some made that argument back when women where first gave the right to vote, and when the slaves where free, it is time people to stop living in the 1800’s feminism is not bad, if used right, it can be good.


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