Hard work pays off?

I am sure you have been on a face book debate, battling people who say raising the minimum wage will destroy society, and in the same breath talk about how too many people are on welfare. And their answer is usually DERP, if they would work hard, and apply themselves, maybe they would not be in their condition, ok i know there are some lazy bums, that is just society, and that is just life, you are gonna have people who abuse the system, and people who think that life should give them things instead of working for it. The problem is, these people do not realize that a lot of people do work hard, oh wait? The right tell me, DUH go back to college, and get a better job, ok the cost of education, and a student loan anyone? But anyway i am gonna show how these silly arguments do not hold up, that most people do work hard for their money, but they get to see very little of it.

So many libertarian, and right wing drones (Not all of them) Have think that there are lots of people who leech off the job creators (rolls eyes) while that is some what true, the reality is more businesses are keeping money for themselves, and we are left with less to fight for the scraps, and then misinformed people are complaining about the number of people on food stamps, well if people had a more livable wage, they would not need food stamps, here is an article that shows more people are working more than 1 job.

From Hub pages:

There have always been people living on the edge from paycheck to paycheck, but now in the current economy the number of people in that situation, not surprisingly, has risen. In 1997 about 31% of the population was living from paycheck to paycheck with no safety net. According to Kathy Kristof of CBS News.com, Money Watch, the current percentage of people now living in that “one paycheck away from disaster” situation in the U.S. is 38%.

Many people are unemployed and have given up trying to find a job in the current economy, while many other people have taken jobs with far fewer hours and lower wages than they previously had in an effort to survive. In fact, many people have taken 2 or 3 of those low paying part-time jobs.

That is nearly half the population folks, and this was happening during the so called wonderful 90’s, and now it has risen to more than 48% if that is a wrong number, someone can correct me. But over time the lower, and middle’s wages have not kept up with inflation, so more, and more people have had to take more than 1 job just to stay afloat.

My brother and i know a young man, he works at speed way, and works hard, he also works another job, he lives in his car. He cannot afford a home, due to his bills, here is another article that utility bills have actually gone up.

From USA today:

Electric bills have skyrocketed in the last five years, a sharp reversal from a quarter-century when Americans enjoyed stable power bills even as they used more electricity.

More electricity use at homes and higher prices are driving up power bills.
File photo by Jim Cole, AP
More electricity use at homes and higher prices are driving up power bills.
File photo by Jim Cole, AP
More electricity use at homes and higher prices are driving up power bills.
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Households paid a record $1,419 on average for electricity in 2010, the fifth consecutive yearly increase above the inflation rate, a USA TODAY analysis of government data found. The jump has added about $300 a year to what households pay for electricity. That’s the largest sustained increase since a run-up in electricity prices during the 1970s.
Electricity is consuming a greater share of Americans’ after-tax income than at any time since 1996 — about $1.50 of every $100 in income at a time when income growth has stagnated, a USA TODAY analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis data found.

Again this is one of the reasons, not just electricity, but water, gas, and other bills have gone up while people’s wages have remained stagnant, so when austrians claim that raising the minimum wage would destroy our economy, it is ridiculous. Also a lot of working people are on food stamps, they need them so they can get by, and survive. So for all the right wingers who oppose raising the minimum wage, you are the ones who keep people on welfare.

Here is an article from USA today on how the wealth is not trickling up:

But taking inflation into account, they’re virtually flat. Workers who rely on paychecks for their income have been running in place, financially speaking. Adjusting for inflation, an average worker who was paid $49,650 at the end of 2009 is making about $545 less now — and that’s before taxes and deductions.

Stagnant wages aren’t only tough on workers — the American economy is paying a price, too. Living standards aren’t rising. Consumer spending, which is 70% of the economy, is more restrained. And the recovery advances at a slower pace.

“Ultimately, for the economy to thrive we need everyone participating,” says Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics.

The profits of Standard & Poor’s 500 corporations hit a record in the first quarter. Their healthy earnings have boosted stocks, and April’s encouraging jobs report propelled the stock market even higher Friday. The blue-chip Dow Jones industrial average crossed 15,000 for the first time and closed at a record 14,973.96, up 142.38 points.

The roaring market is making the richest Americans richer, and giving them more money to spend. But in 2010, only 31% of U.S. households had stock holdings of $10,000 or more, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). During the first two years of the recovery, average net worth rose for the top 7% of households but fell for the other 93%, the Pew Research Center says.

This is good news for the top 1% but for the rest of us, we have to work longer, and harder, and get less, our spending power is diminishing, how on earth are businesses gonna increase production, and hire more employees if people do not have the money to spend on? IT just makes no sense, the wealthy are only so much of our population, and we are the masses, the poor, and middle spend more of their income, so it makes sense to give them more purchasing power, so they can keep production lines rolling.

Our productivity is up, but our wages are stagnant, we are working more, and having less time to live, and it is hurting our standard of living. People are not able to buy as much, so we are able to get credit cards and run up a debt that we cannot pay down. We are setting ourselves up for a life full of debt, and us not being able to just enjoy life, to talk to our friends more, and enjoy times with our loved ones, and buy things just because we want to have fun, and save some back for retirement. But the right wing response is, “Go back to college, and get an education, great idea, that way you can get a better job, and earn more so why would no one not want to do that? Oh wait? There are some reasons, you see it is not as cheap to go to college as it was before.

From college data com, here is the price of going to college now:

In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2012–2013 academic year averaged $22,261. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $43,289. But what makes up these charges? Of course, financial aid might help cover some costs, but it is good to know how they add up to a total “cost of attendance” figure provided by the college.

According to the huffington post: tuition in the last 30 years has went up 1,120,” And with people on minimum wage making 14-16 thousand a year, how on earth can anyone afford that?

From the wall street journal blog:

According to the Labor Department, there were 284,000 graduates—those with at least a bachelor’s degree—working minimum-wage jobs in 2012, including 37,000 holders of advanced degrees. That’s down from a peak of 327,000 in 2010, but double the number in 2007 and up 70% from a decade earlier.

While the raw number of college grads stuck in minimum-wage jobs remains elevated, their share of such jobs is at more or less its 10-year average. About 8% of all minimum-wage workers held at least a bachelor’s degree in 2012, a figure that has bounced around over the past decade with no clear trend.

So why spend all that money, on a loan, and waste your time going back to school just to end up working at a freaking minimum wage job? You will not be able to pay off your loan, with the water, gas, electric, and food bills, and other things you spend money on, let alone adding up money to spend on books, and travel, and making time, and paying off the loan.

So what is a woman like Enriqueta Sanchez to do? She works 2 jobs as a janitor, and makes 9 bucks an hour working 70 hours a week, and yet she can barely get by? Her story is in NUVO a local paper i read, the company who employs her GSF, made 700 million in revenue. So it is not like they are going broke, wall mart ceo’s make 16,000 an HOUR while their workers make 14,000 a year, this is crazy, and the right stick up for this type of craziness. We where told over 30 years ago, that prosperity would trickle down to the masses, well according to CNN money: n the third quarter, corporate earnings were $1.75 trillion, up 18.6% from a year ago, according to last week’s gross domestic product report. That took after-tax profits to their greatest percentage of GDP in history.

So that is in 1 quarter, almost 2 trillion in profits while the workers wages have remained stagnant, so not only would a minimum wage increase not hurt the economy, it would get more people off of welfare, and that is what you right wingers want right? You cannot have your cake, and eat it too, i guess Wall mart will have to settle for 20 billion in pay, not 116 billion right?


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