Barack Obama, takes down the promises he made on a web site.

Back in 2008 I knew Barack Obama was gonna win the presidential election, he had charisma, he had charm, he was a nice family man, he ran on a great platform of hope, and change, after George Bush did a terrible job on our country, so the american people where ready for a change, and we all thought Obama was gonna have the bold vision to take us there, he was talking about reforming education, our borken health care system, ending the wars, and actually having a transparent gov that will take accountability, and not skip on holding their administration accountable when things go bad. Well 5 years later here we are, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. Obama has done little to nothing about the corruption on wall street, the 2 wars are still going on, and some wars might be on the horizon, our unemployment rate went down, but the income gap is growing, and more people have dropped out of the work place, and the unemployment rate among african american community has risen, now granted I know the GOP are to blame for a lot of these problems by being obstructionist, and not wanting to work with the president, but Obama made a vow to bring jobs back, to get rid of the loop holes that allow businesses to ship jobs overseas, hold wall street accountable, among a lot of his promises, well i know the gop has done a lot to derail Obama’s policies but at the end of the day Obama is the one who made these promises, and now he has broken a lot of those same promises.

Today I found out from a friend who shared a Link on face book that Barack Obama took down his website with a list of all of the promises, that Obama made during his campaign, if Obama thinks that people are gonna forget the promises he made, well sorry Charlie people remember, and you let the gop just walk all over you. What Obama are you ashamed of all the promises you made to your voters, who trusted you, and you just kept giving them one big goose egg after another? I am sorry but Obama you turned out to be George Bush the 2nd, i mean sure i know you did something different, but Obama has not done what has been needed to be done to really put our country back on he right track, he has given in o right wing talking points of him being a socialist, which that man is no near a socialist. We voted for you, to do your duty different than Bush, not almost like he did. Now your approval ratings are going down into the gutter, and even those who had the utmost confidence in you, their confidence is starting to erode, and your approval rating along wit it.

From keeping Bradly Manning in jail, to NDAA, to spying on he citizens to banning protesting outside the white house, these are things that people who value civil liberties never thought they would see from a so called left wing president. You President Obama have betrayed the trust of those who worked hard like me, and my friends who wanted you elected so we could see a new country, with new solutions, and seeing our country come out of it’s terrible slump instead your policies have not done enough to get us out of our economic mess, your healthcare plan while a step better than what we had before, but it still leaves people at the mercy of the private insurance companies, our foreign policies seem more like a right wing hawk who wants to appease war mongers instead of a progressive, so yes Obama get rid of the promises on your page that you made to the people who got you elected.

People have gotten outraged over their presidents not keeping their promises, from Bush Sr, saying no more taxes, to Clinton saying i did not sleep with that woman, our presidents have broken some promises that where on a small scale, but also on a big scale, the fact Obama you said you would have a more transparent gov, but did not, you wanted to reform healthcare, some, but not enough, you wanted to hold wall street accountable, terrible job doing that Obama, a clepto has been more honest than you President Obama, this is on policy, and your policies have been nothing more than right wing policies, it is like you are almost to the right of Reagan! I wanted to support you, and root for you, because when a president does good so do the American people, but no, you ended up being just like Bush, and i know my Obama fans are gonna point out that the GOP have blocked a lot of his bills, but if you really wanted to pass these bills Obama you would have found a way to pass them, instead you just caved in, and your policies either did not pass, or they where watered down, and did not even do 1 bit to help the people of this country, we need a real change, not some phony corporate bought politician, who smiles big, and stabs us in the back with a knife we need to take this country back, and show our elected leaders they work for us, and they serve us, and if the do not serve us, we need to show them that they will pay a price. Let’s hold our leaders accountable, and we should not be given a choice of lesser than 2 evils, i want good, or great. So it is time to end these lies, and hold politicians like Barack Obama accountable, you may make those promises disappear Obama but for those of us who believed in you, the pain of you breaking all those promises will live on forever.

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6 thoughts on “Barack Obama, takes down the promises he made on a web site.

  1. Obama did everything that it was humanly possible for him to do in the face of a bunch of intransigent obstructionists who made it perfectly clear from the get-go that their main brain drain was going to be to do everything in their power to make sure he wasn’t able to do anything at all – – and most especially that he would not get the second term that he screwed their heads over by getting anyway. Don’t blame the President.

    1. I blame him, the congress, the gop, and the senate. Obama has been just another in a long line of disappointments, i wish we could have a better system so we can get things done

      1. Trust me when I say, “There are more disappointments yet to come.”

        The system has maintained us for more than two centuries. It is not the concept nor the system – – I think it is the a-wads who run things.

        The system is sound and that “thing” a lot of people are calling “The GOP” isn’t anywhere near what the GOP once was – – – nowhere near at all.

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