Libertarian society will fail.

Well i have heard so many libertarian arguments, that if the gov would leave the market alone we would not have poverty. Or that the individual makes better decisions, than a collective, and how letting business have more money by lowering taxes will help stimulate the economy all sorts of different derps, but the problem is we have been using most of these policies for the better part of 20 years now, and they just do not seem to be working. We have deregulated the business world more, and more as time has gone by, and what has it given us? An economic crash, and 4 recessions in the last 30 years, where as we only had 2 economic slow down in the past 40 years, i am gonna break down why a libertarian society would fail, there are many reasons so let’s get to it.

From libertarian party org: As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.

OK now this sounds good, libertarians believe that the gov, should not infringe on an individual if they want to do something in their home, and i agree, but the problem comes when an individual believes that they should not be forced to pay taxes, say a person does not like the iraq war, good neither did i, so they want to opt out of paying taxes on the war, ok while i agree with that, you know that it would lead to more people going Well i do not want to pay for welfare, or i do not want to pay for this, or that, soon we will have the left and right complaining about what to pay for, and there will not be enough tax money to pay for any program.
Another problem with this the individual ideas they like to go by is well again life, libertarians do not support racism but when you tell an individual they cannot eat at your establishment then you are not honoring the right of the individual. The libertarian will say, hey let them go to another place, ok but the problem is what if there is only one dinner to eat at for miles, and a person is wanting to eat, but the manager does not want them there due to his prejudice, now
sure the individual can go to another establishment, but that defeats the libertarian idea of them supporting the individual, when they will side with the establishment, not the individual. And the excuse of well we also support the individual, but the business owner as well, sorry that is not how society works, you will either support the individual, or the establishment. The false assumption that the libertarians support the individual is a complete joke.
Libertarians are opposed to the gov forcing people to take Healthcare, the libertarians think it is immoral for the gov to impose any law on the individual, and having them take healthcare, even if they do not want to, is a use of force, while i agree, the fact remains is life happens, anyone can be in a car accident, or can get a disease out of no where, and the cost are astronomical, and if the individual takes healthcare, or is forced to take it, they will have their insurance pay for the cost, if the individual has no healthcare, then the cost is passed onto the tax payers. So there is the big problem with that, and we have car insurance, it is force onto people, so why is it such a big deal to have people forced to buy healthcare? It would shave so many people money. Ron Paul’s campaign manager was advised by Paul to not take health insurance from the gov, to let charities pay for his expenses, well Paul’s campaign adviser developed cancer, and died, and out of the 400,000 in cost, charities only paid for 40,000 of the bill, the rest got footed to the tax payer. There is the flaw in that idea.

From libertarian party org: Libertarians want all members of society to have abundant opportunities to achieve economic success. A free and competitive market allocates resources in the most efficient manner. Each person has the right to offer goods and services to others on the free market. The only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. All efforts by government to redistribute wealth, or to control or manage trade, are improper in a free society.

OK the big problem for this is we have too many big corporations who hold the economic power, and since libertarians are against force, how would they want to break up these companies? The solution they want is to take away the subsidies, and rules the gov gives them, and they will die a natural death, that sounds good but the problem is the market itself, see a market is run on how well stocks, and sales are, so if a company like wall mart keeps making profits because of the freedom of an employer to pay as little as they want, then why would low income workers who barely get by go to a store that charges more? They cannot afford it. And as long as companies keep making money, why would the market pay workers more? The freedom to exchange products sounds nice, but what about these products without regulation? How to tell if a product meets a certain standard? And i know the libertarians will say, hey if you don not like what a company is paying you, well go work for another company, but again it raises the question what if that person has to stay based on maybe their family is there, and maybe the job they do, is not available in that certain area. And what if that person gets a worse wage after being promised a better wage? See this is where the fallacy of libertarian ideology comes in, the libertarian ideology needs for life, and things to go according to plan, and for there to not be anything that comes up, that would hamper their ideology, well to that i say, sorry, life happens.

From the libertarian party page: We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

OK one of the areas where I agree with the libertarians on, is national security, we are wasting our military, and the libertarians want us to use our military more wisely, to cut spending but also so we do not invade other countries, and impose our rights on the rights of others. So ok i like Libertarian ideas on national defense. But the only problem is, which is why their ideas would fail, is we have too many people full of too much fear, that if we did not fund the military a lot, the president would be looked at as weak, hello Jimmy Carter.

OK now libertarians are more to the right, and i think if they get enough support in the future could take the place of the gop as the new right wing party, the problem with the libertarians philosophy is this, when it comes to economics they are so extreme, even republicans do not want to end SS, MC, or MC. Also libertarians have this all to simple idea of gov bad, business good, but they do not explain how this free market would solve a lot of the problems that occur during an economic down turn which happens, no matter how good you plan the economy. Like how would a person get a better wage? Just leave and go to another? What if that company does not want to pay them more? See? This is what destroys the libertarian ideology, they use deductive reasoning a lot. What is deductive reasoning? Well let’s look it up.

From dictionary com:
Deductive and inductive refer to two distinct logical processes. Deductive reasoning is a logical process in which a conclusion drawn from a set of premises contains no more information than the premises taken collectively. All dogs are animals; this is a dog; therefore, this is an animal: The truth of the conclusion is dependent only on the method. All men are apes; this is a man; therefore, this is an ape: The conclusion is logically true, although the premise is absurd.

Yes this does make some sense, if you see a dog, and you call it a dog, yes. Libertarians do that, when they argue for free market,s why do they argue for free markets? Because free markets have the word freedom there for giving people more economic freedom is better. The problem with this is in the free market there are bosses, and people who own businesses, so is that any freedom for the worker? No, the worker is at the mercy of a business to work for what they, or the market thinks their value is worth. So the word free market has the word freedom in it, and by the deductive theory well everyone should be free right? No, the business is free to conduct trades, and business without any regulations from the gov, but the workers would not have the freedom to ask for their own pay, or to ask for more of the profits, so the free market is actually only free for the people who own the business. And in a total free market since there would be no rules, or regulations there would be no control on who could make any amount or weather a business could monopolize, or weather or not a product was safe. See this is the problem with libertarian ideas, they sound good, but when you think about the idea, like the free market you start to ask questions, and the idea starts to sound bad.

In the end libertarian ideas are really to glorify selfishness, if you hear people say, hey we want what is the better for society, most people would agree with you. But libertarian ideas are for the person who is like, well what if i do not agree with that, everyone will always have their own ideas of how an economy should run, or what taxes they would like to pay, the problem with this thinking is how would you govern a country/ Let everyone just do as they please? No order? No rules to protect people from hazardous products? How would you control corruption in a free market? Let the market handle it, ok how? In the end a libertarian society would fail for the main thing they like to promote, the individual, it would be total chaos, what about the socialist in your country? What with them? Oh go to another country? OK how? Or make their own country? oK they would need a gov, money, jobs, you get the idea? And you will always oppress someone, how would your society run? Who would pay the taxes to help keep the gov running, and the business, and products, and the programs you would need to keep your society going? How would you keep your laws, if you do not believe in enforcing them? All these questions when you think about them start to add up why a libertarian society would fail, your greed, would destroy it, and then you would be left with a country with a run down infrastructure, a chaotic market, lower standards of living, and a gov in total chaos. All roads paved with good intentions, lead to hell.


4 thoughts on “Libertarian society will fail.

  1. With all due respect, It seems like you’ve made up your mind about something that you know very little about. Nothing here has not been thoroughly refuted ad nauseum. Still I think it’s awesome that you cared enough to express your thoughts about what I believe is a most important topic.

    At the end of the day your answer to one very simple question will be something against which you’ll have to reconcile all your faith in the state. That question is…

    “Do you prefer self-governance for yourself or to be governed?”

    1. I think you miss the point, i do know a lot about libertarianism just saying that i do not does not make it so.

      Well i have studied up on libertarians, and their ideology, and what they like, and think. Thank you, i really am doing some studying on all the ideologies.

      I want the person to have freedom of religion, love, and choice, but when it comes to economics i think that business should be regulated to keep business from abusing the rights of workers

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