The Trayvon Martin Verdict.

No doubt you have heard, Barney Fife, er George Zimmerman was found not guilty, i did not find this surprising as Martin’s prosecution team did a horrible job, i think that lead to the not guilty verdict, but also this is good for the media to keep this story going, nothing grips the country like a story on race, ask Paula Dean. So the corporate media got what they wanted a distraction from their dirty deeds so they can have the American people divided, and arguing over an issue while they continue to rob, and plunder us. I knew that Zimmerman was gonna be found not guilty, the news is now a tabloid joke, and actually covering news would be terrible for them, so keeping this story going for as long as they can is good for ratings, and it is good for a distraction.

What i find real sad about this case is the racism i see, ok let me tell people something out there, there is a huge difference between racism, and prejudice, when i hear people say blacks can be racist like whites, well no, they cannot let’s look up the word racism why don’t we?

From dictionary reference: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

Now look at the last one, here is the difference between prejudice ,and racism, prejudice is someone saying, well i do not like them because of the color of their skin, racism is when you use policy to keep another race down. So if you are gonna use the word racist please know that racism is different from prejudice. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that racism, and prejudice are the same thing, nope, they are different, and i just hope i helped you with knowing that.

Another thing, the media drives me bats, now i know that blacks kill whites, and i know the reason that stories like Trayvon get more attention is the blacks who kill whites rarely ever get a not guilty verdict, but yes, there should be more coverage of all crimes of hate, no matter which race kills. Oh wait, then we would not have people at each other’s throats, whites crying foul for the media not covering blacks who kill whites, and blacks going yes that is wrong, but whites do not get prosecuted for killing blacks, it is a good device to have for the media, they love distracting you from what the companies that run them do not want us to know the dirty deeds they are up to. Any who, this case has really been a 3 ring circus, and with this not guilty verdict, the media gets what they want, a continuing saga. With this verdict, they got what they wanted the media did.

OK i knew when this verdict came in, that the trolls on face book, and twitter would start, i mean the trolls have been “objective” Saying that no body knew what was going on all the while claiming Zimmerman to be innocent, and Martin to be a thug, oh the comedy of these trolls. So of course when Zimmerman found not guilty, those “objective” people uh trolls they did the honorable thing, and went on the attack. It was a sad sight, if Zimmerman had been black, and Trayvon white I wonder what the reaction would have been? I mean i know trolls are basically children with no life, and all they want to do is upset people, so just either bring the heat, or ignore these childish people, i like to tear em down myself 🙂 But if they bother you just ignore them, they live to make you mad, so if you block them they can claim some moral victory or something. Kinda childish if you ask me.

This case has done nothing to help race relations, blame us, blame the media, but the fact is, this sad case has turned into a circus, I do not know what happened, although Zimmerman’s fans might just want to start asking themselves questions about his so called evidence, hmm if he was beaten so bad, why was he not taken to the hospital? How could he reach for his gun if Trayvon had him pinned down beating him, and where was the grass on Trayvon’s shoes? But anyway, all i do know is a man shot a 17 year old who the operator told this guy to not follow, and he did, and now a kid is dead, and a man tried to play cops, and now our nation is divided, it makes you wonder if we had made any progress on race at all in the last 40 years. How can we come together? Getting rid of fear, which is hard to do, not listening to the media, which is not that hard to do, and just thinking for ourselves, which is not hard, but we make it hard, if we do these things, then we can minimize racism, and start to move forward, oh also quit paying so much attention to stupid stories like Paula Dean, and concentrate on things like the supreme court gutting a portion of the civil rights bill, then maybe then we can move forward, gee o, almost 50 years after Dr King sad to know that our country is still in many ways stuck in the 1950’s, no the 1850’s it is like the civil war never ended, time to move forward people.


One thought on “The Trayvon Martin Verdict.

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