The decline of MSNBC

There used to be 1 cable news channel for a long time, CNN the most trusted name in news, they where called, and then fox news showed up, and was a channel that gave people a conservative view point, but MSNBC also started, they where at first just tried to do more detailed stories of the news, and get this, they even had a show with ann coulter as a host, the show was called the contributors, but it was canned, so MSNBC kept moving on, and they struggled to find an identity, while fox was dominating due to the fact that they where a over the top right wing cartoon, they got the loyal right wingers who despite all the lies, and misinformation that people get on that channel, fox kept getting viewers, they united the conservative base who kept feeling for some reason, that they where not being served, so with CNN following in fox’s tilted footsteps, and CBC, and ABC doing the same, there needed to be an alternative to all the right wing noise on the air. Well in came Keith Olbermann, he was loud, brash, funny, and had passion, he sky rocketed MSNBC to help them gain ratings, but Olbermann needed help, and in 2008 Rachel Maddows stepped in, and she was a more gentle voice, and MSNBC also got Ed Shutlz who got the common folk, he was plain spoken, and he was progressive, MSNBC became the alternative to fox, and CNN, so left wingers felt happy they had their own network, MSNBC would beat CNN in the ratings, and even trumped fox on a couple of occasions, during the 2008, and 2012 elections.

But MSNBC was owned by a MNC (Multi national corporation) so they started to stick their nose into how Keith Olbermann should do his news, and behind the scenes Olbermann, and his exces would argue over the direction of the network, and his show, so in 2011, Keith Left MSNBC, and went to Current TV who he is no longer with, but MSNBC had lost their star, and i quit watching because i knew that MSNBC would start to change, MSNBC started to lean more right, and their host now where more kind, and did not have the passion that Olbermann did, well Ed did a pretty good job, but MSNBC also did get called the Obama champions, which is half true, while some host on the network (chris mathews) Would give Obama a break some like Olbermann, who left would get onto Obama a lot, MSNBC also has been criticized like a lot of the media for becoming a tabloid channel, focusing too much on 1` story, and milking it for all it is worth, the Travon Martin case is really getting over done on all the networks, but MSNBC was supposed to be different, and now they are just looking more like a center right version, and less well produced than the other 2

Also since MSNBC did champion Obama, but they have been critical of him as well, but they did want to see him win, (much like fox wanting romney to win) But with that, came the fact that when Obama does good, so did MSNBC, but when Obama’s approval ratings start to fall, so did MSNBC’s ratings, are these tied together? Maybe, i kept hearing “progressives” tell me, Mike this time Obama will be more aggressive, things will be different, more right wing butt kissing has happened from Obama so how has things changed? Nothing, Obama’s approval ratings are taking a nose dive, and so has MSNBC’s ratings, after scoring record ratings with their 2012 electorial coverage, this year MSNBC’s ratings have dipped 16% now this could just be a cycle, i mean networks, even fox go through up, and downs. But if things continue, MSNBC will be in big trouble, Current with the young turks is gaining ground, so is RT, and other liberal alternatives, Ed was moved to the weekends, and some think MSNBC is too sophisticated for the average person, i do not think that is the case, I think the problem is MSNBC is not fun to watch anymore, i know news should be about news, and facts, but since you have to please a viewing audience, without a Keith Olbermann, MSNBC is just not as entertaining to watch no more. If Fox got rid of Bill O’Reiley, believe me their ratings would take a tumble, and now 2 years after getting rid of Keith, MSNBC is starting to lose their audience, but that is also the chance you take when you take a certain position, with MSNBC Trying to be somewhat left wing, and now Obama’s ratings dropping, people are just not in the liberal mood, when bush kept going down, it effected fox’s ratings, i mean have we gotten so bad, that we only want to watch a network with our point of view?

Like it or not people like to be entertained when they watch the news now, that is why John Stewart does so well, him, and Stephen Colbert, not only tell you hard hitting facts, and are respected by both the left and some on the right, but they are also entertaining to watch, MSNBC when they got rid of Keith got rid of their flag ship, and now their boat is starting to sink, they might make a comeback, who knows, but if they continue to go this rout of trying to out fox, and out CNN, those 2 networks, one day we may not have MSNBC. And even though i am not a big fan of MSNBC they unlike Fox, and Cnn, did use good statistics, and Maddows has had some good moments, but the reality is, she is not enough, and MSNBC has lost their entertainment value, and they even have lost some credibility, by editing some tapes, like fox, so it is gonna take some time to repair the damage done to this network, if not, well Current, and RT are on, for those who want a more left wing view. But i do not look at rt as left wing, just honest.

Maybe it is better if MSNBC goes under, as a real left wing person, i do not want my news to just be a more pretend version of left wing, with the same tabloid like stories, maybe it will be better to have people who want a more left, or just plain honest approach go to RT, or the real news, or some other place. So MSNBC ratings going down might make them rethink how they are doing their news, or how they are losing their credibility, so this might be a good thing, their viewers might be telling them to straighten up, they watched you, to be an alternative to fox, and cnn, not to be just like them. But in the last few days a report surfaced saying MSNBC’s rating are going up again. Who know what will happen, i just want the truth, no matter where i get it from.

Link to MSNBC’s ratings decline is from the huffington post.


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