The GOP attack on workers.

Can you believe there was a time in our history when there was no 40 hour work week, no sick days, no minimum wage, From truth hour website the fair labor standards act FLSA was passed in 1938, this law was passed to protect workers from working too much, and having their bosses work them too hard. This law was passed just to keep employers from working their workers too hard. Other laws in the past have been passed to protect workers, child labor laws, sick days, all of these laws where passed to ensure that employers did not work their employees too hard, that is right folks child labor used to be legal, and it used to be illegal, (heck it still is in some businesses) to get a sick day off from work, now at least in some places you can get sick leave, and come back when you are healthy again, i do not get this attack on unions, sure some unions are corrupt, so get fix them, get new management, do not get rid of the unions, back in the 1950’s we had 36% of our workforce in unions, the income gap between workers, and bosses was 33% now only 10% of workers are in unions, and the income gap is over 400% our poverty is going up, and our buying power is going down, the middle class is disappearing, the american dream is slipping away, and no one thinks it has anything to do with the amount of people in unions?

For decades big business was complaining about how these sick days, more fair work pay, and etc would lead to a collapse in the business community, (funny it never happens, as bugs bunny would say, MEEEEE O!) But even Nixon, Ford, and Carter, kept unions strong, but then the big business got their wish, when Ronald (It’s bed time for his brain, er bonzo) Got elected. The first thing he did was bust up unions, like the coal miners unions, my dad was fired in 1984, my dad was a big union man, the air port unions, got broke up, and the thought was, well let gov, and unions stay our of business, and things will get better. Well they did, for the top 2% things did get better but over the years the incomes of the top has went up over 247% while people at the middle, and bottom are stagnant, or losing income due to a rise in prices, and no income rise. From 18980, to 2012 that is how much the top rose, but the middle, and bottom saw no rise.

What this has done has made our workers dependent on credit cards, and loans just to try and stay afloat, and how has that worked out for our economy? Ask the 2008 crash! So this attack on workers has been going on for decades, and not one president, not Clinton, not Obama seems to want to end this rising inequality, we need unions, they gave us all those protections against employers, and big business.
I am putting in a link from the economist view to show how workers are actually losing income. This has been a dream of the rich for years was to get rid of unions, they have not fully succeeded, but they are getting there.

Here is the post of union membership well how many people where in unions.

Now i posted those 2 charts to show you that when our union membership has went down, our income inequality has went up. Showing that it is no coincidence that when we lost union membership we started to lose real income for our workers, and then the income inequality went up, but the job creators, what a joke got more to keep so according to the Friedman’s of the world they are the ones who hire so letting them keep more money should mean lower unemployment right?
According to a chart by the bureau of labor statistics, the unemployment rate in the 50’s never got higher than 6.0% well just look at how many times the unemployment rate sky rocketed over 10.0% 2 times in the last 30 years, zero between the 40’s,and the 70’s, of course we had more gov regulations, and most importantly we had more union members. When i hear regular people who are right wing attack unions, i want to say to them you do know they are there to protect you right?

Well these big companies have waited to dig their claws into tearing up unions, and now they are going in for the kill, according to an article from the Washington monthly: (This week, an important committee vote will take place in the U.S. Senate. Senate Republicans have long been filibustering President Obama’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board. As you probably know, the NLRB is a powerful federal agency that oversees elections for labor union representation and makes decisions regarding the unfair labor practice cases that are brought before it. Since its formation in 1934, it has been the single American institution that is most responsible for protecting crucial labor rights. Employees, for example, have the right to organize a union and engage in pro-union activities without suffering discriminatory treatment or retaliation from an employer. Just as importantly, employers are legally required to bargain with the union.)
Now what this means is without any judges to appoint that these big companies can just get rid of any union, break up union membership, and take away collective bargaining rights, who is to stop them from taking away sick days, the 40 hour week, or child labor laws? The GOP is doing so much harm to this country, and though i may not be a fan of Obama, at least he does want to have some appointees to the NLRA who do so much to protect our workers from these companies who try to take away so much, these companies who do not sacrifice, or do nothing but contribute to our down fall economically, we need stronger unions to protect the rights of workers, to make sure you get sick days, to make sure you are not over worked, and that your child is not exploited, the GOP are monsters, yeah the dems are real bad, but the gop is way worse. And it is big business who they cater too, we need more unions, and we need to break the grip hold these companies have on our country. WOWU!


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    1. So with prices going up, and people not being able to keep up with that inflation, just save money, which will soften demand, and when that happens companies will lay people off, and the unemployment rate will go up.

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