Libertarians are not for the individual.

OK, if you have debated a libertarian you have no doubt heard this argument from them, “You collectivist, are such sheep, i am for the individual, and i am a free thinker.” Now before i would just roll my eyes, but it got me to thinking, are libertarians for the individual? Or is that just a talking point? I mean when you think about it, there is no such thing as an individual thought, you are gonna agree with someone, if you look at the word collective you it means to agree with people, well even the most unpopular stance, you will have a few people agreeing with you, so does an individual even exist? People people are unique, but our thinking may not be, because you can only have so many thoughts, and you will agree with someone about something.

Like the libertarian stance is i am for the individual to smoke pot no, you are for the collective of people who want to smoke pot, why legalize it for just one person? When you take a stance that even the majority, or the minority of a group of people are thinking alike on then you are not thinking individually, you are apart of a collective, let’s look at the definition of the word collective.

Now collective is when people agree on an individual topic, according to the free dictionary collective in politics can mean like a collective economy where everyone works together, for the better of society.
Collective also means for people to agree as a group on something, now this is impossible to have 100% agree on something. But when you have a majority then you have a collective thought.
From the encyclopedia brittanica:
individualism, political and social philosophy that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. Although the concept of an individual may seem straightforward, there are many ways of understanding it, both in theory and in practice. The term individualism itself, and its equivalents in other languages, dates—like socialism and other isms—from the 19th century.

Now i know there is more to individualism than just the idea of the individual mattering. But it is at the heart of individualism, it is about the value that an individual is more important than the collective, but this is a fallacy, because when you have a group of people agree on a particular topic, then you have a collective thought. You would have to have a 0.0000000000001 out of 7 billion people to have a real individual thought, so it is impossible to have a real individual thought. This is another in the long line of fallacies in the libertarian line of thinking.

What the libertarian is really trying to say is, i want mine, and i am an individual, but when you agree like you go to your Ron Pawl rallies, then you are like the borg from Star Trek, TNG you are a collective, with the same type of thoughts, and beliefs.

From Brittanica, a poll showing that support for legalizing pot has risen to 45% one of the reasons is coming from the support of libertarians who are in 86% of libertarians support legalizing pot, so is that an individual thought? No, because 86% of libertarians agree! Gay marriage has gained support, and again good for them but 82% of libertarians support legalizing gay marriage, so how is that a thought for an individual?

It is this rebel without a cause attitude that libertarians have that makes them act like this, they want to act like they are a suppressed individual in a collective, no the 14% who disagree with you, are the ones who are the suppressed because they are in the minority, sorry but even in your libertarian utopian society, you will have someone who will hate your “free market” policies, guess what? You are suppressing them, and what they want. So this idea of you thinking that you are a lone ranger free thinker in a society of collective drones who follow the masses is just a talking point the fact is we are unique individuals, but our thoughts are that of a collective, get used to it. Even your heroes, Friedman, Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard where for collectivism, you just where made to think you are for the individual.


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