Learning both sides.

OK I have been debating for a long time on face book, you tube, and twitter, and in that time i have seen the usual arguments from democrats, and republicans, and what i hear is that the gop do not understand the liberals, and the liberals do not understand the conservatives, well it depends, if you have someone who is versed in both ideologies, i know there are more ok lol but if you have a liberal who has read both conservative authors, and liberal authors, and if the conservative only reads about conservatives, how can they know the other side? I mean if you do not read up, then you will not learn about what the other side is really about, what their ideas are, and what they stand for.

I debated a libertarian, to say he hated socialist is an understatement, so he said he knew what socialism was, but when i asked him to name the socialist authors whose work he has read, his response was, i do not need to read them, all i need to know about socialism i learned from Friedman, and Von Mises, ok learning about socialism from Mises, or Friedman is like asking a frog to give a mouse flying lessons, oh but mike a frog does not fly, i know. So if you want to understand about a topic why not read up on it? IF this young man had read up on socialism he might have had more knowledge on the subject.
To just look at one side, and not the other is completely dumb, you are not showing critical thinking, and it shows how narrow minded someone can be, and how misinformed they are.
Liberals are no different, they are just barely better, at least they do use credible sources, that get accurate information the problem liberals have is they make the mistake of clumping conservatives together, and acting like conservative are stupid, and are just puppets, not all liberals, but a lot do this, and it is quite not true i know a lot of conservatives who are nice, and really care about the sick, and poor, they just have different solutions on how to fix those problems, but instead some liberals just chose to think that these conservatives are out to watch the poor and sick die, no they want them to do well, but they think the gov is not helping them enough, but the stats are against them on that. But engage these people do not insult, or all names, engage them, if these people chose not to believe you, well that is their problem, but at least you engaged them in a meaningful debate, and you might make a friend, my dad loved my uncle, even though they fought like cats, and dogs on politics, They shook hands afterwards.

The problem now is the media MSNBC, Fox, have trained us to not like the other side, especially fox, so that is why you see so much venom from each side, we are being trained to hate each other, when we call ourselves the United States of America, tht could not be further from the truth. We are so bitterly divided it is not funny, but how to get us united again? Well we will never be totally united, but we can get to where we can have for the most part a more civil conversation, that starts with using gov laws to make the news honest, and if a news channel lies then they should pay fines, or even get jailed for lying to the public. Also we need to have teachers who do not have a political agenda, books need to be honest, and pass a test of authenticity, and accuracy. This way no one can spin a lie. History is not left, or right wing, it is history. Maybe this way we can have a more honest, and open debate, get rid of other types of economics, there should be 1 type that way there is no ideology, or confusion to what economics is, i mean get rid of em the Austrian theory, the Chicago Boys, just teach economics, and that is all. I am sorry to my friends on the right but raising taxes on the rich works, it stimulates the economy, and it helps put people back to work. This crap needs to end that we have so many theories on economics, no wonder people are confused. People do not know what to believe, and that is what divides us.
Sorry LOL But anyway those are solutions, some and the next time you talk to a right wing person, please they are not stupid, they are not your enemy, they are your friend, and right wingers, next time you talk to a left wing person, they are not trying to destroy America, or hate on traditional families, they are people just like you. I am proud of my friend Jenny who posted what she did, liberals please stop acting superior to conservatives you are not ok? And same to ya conservatives you are not superior. We are all Americans.


10 thoughts on “Learning both sides.

  1. I was 100% with you until you said different economic theories should be banned. Which ones to ban? Marxism? Keynesian? Classical economics? Austrian school? Should we also ban certain political ideas? I share your frustration, but isn’t this why we have democracy?

      1. Well I agree. But what if one of those other theories was right? Free speech allows new and mad ideas to be proposed. Most of them turn out to be mad and bad, but sometimes we get a Galileo or an Einstein and the world moves forward.

      2. Well then the ones that are wrong should be discredited, the Austrian theory has been discredited, so has the Chicago style, but they get to keep pushing this crap, and it is what is making our kids so confused.

      3. But wasn’t Galileo discredited and imprisoned by the church authorities? Has Marxism been discredited after what happened in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, or was Marx absolutely right all along? How can we know?
        After all, if certain theories have been discredited, why are their supporters still pushing them?
        What I’m driving at is that free speech and debate is the only proven method of achieving progress, even though it’s a messy and confusing process that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Since the title of this article is “learning both sides” I thought you’d be ready to agree with that 🙂

      4. Well that was not real marxism. The reason for the Austrian theory being discredited is because of the lack of use of science, and math. Hmmmm you make a good point there LOL HA. Well good comment 🙂

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