Civilian deaths and why you should care

This is American democracy in action? More like a world wide dictatorship.

Writing Wrongs


When journalists report about civilian deaths abroad, it is often done with the understanding that killing innocents is wrong. While I don’t dispute that fact, I think it would be beneficial to the readers if an explanation was given as to why not only is it morally wrong to kill civilians but why those who do nothing about it are just as wrong.

For one thing, just because you don’t know the dead personally does not make it any less tragic. Just because they are Arabic or foreign also does not make it less tragic. Human beings are cooperative, social creatures who need each other in order to survive. While violence and fighting will always persist on some level, it is self-perpetuating when it is justified by human nature. I don’t think its okay to be at war with a race just because some politician says we are.

An estimated…

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