Clarence Thomas compares affirmative action to Jim Crow laws

Stupidest person in politics this week, and it is good old Clarence Thomas, who compared affirmative action to the Jim Crowe laws of the 1950’s OK Now to put it into context, i will show what he said from the christian science monitor article that showed what he said. In a ruling on affirmative action being used in college Thomas voted with the high court to send it back to the lower courts, Ruth Bater Ginsburg was the only one to not vote with the others on this.
OK here is what Thomas Wrote, from the christian science monitor written by David Clark Scott, Staff writer / June 25, 2013
“While the University admits that racial discrimination in admissions is not ideal, it asserts that it is a temporary necessity because of the enduring race consciousness of our society. Yet again, the University echoes the hollow justifications advanced by the segregationists,” wrote Thomas in his dissent.

Citing the 14th Amendment (and previous legal precedents) Thomas argued that no state shall “deny to any person … the equal protection of the laws. The Equal Protection Clause guarantees every person the right to be treated equally by the State, without regard to race. At the heart of this [guarantee] lies the principle that the government must treat citizens as individuals and not as members of racial, ethnic, or religious groups.

“It is for this reason that we must subject all racial classifications to the strictest of scrutiny. Under strict scrutiny, all racial classifications are categorically prohibited unless they are ‘necessary to further a compelling government interest.’ ”

Thomas goes on to write: “Unfortunately for the University, the educational benefits flowing from student body diversity – assuming they exist – hardly qualify as a compelling state interest. Indeed, the argument that educational benefits justify racial discrimination was advanced in support of racial segregation in the 1950’s, but emphatically rejected by this Court. And just as the alleged educational benefits of segregation were insufficient to justify racial discrimination then … the alleged educational benefits of diversity cannot justify racial discrimination today.”
Seriously, for Thomas to compare affirmative action to the Jim Crow laws goes beyond stupid, i mean yes, affirmative action has some flaws in it, like sure we should let people get equal grades, judge them like that, but did you forget Clarence the unequal treatment african americans get in the school system, have you forgotten that already? And how people have cut spending to public schools? This is just another way you make the right wing on the supreme court look even more ridiculous than before. What part of affirmative action was meant to help give african americans a fair shake at an education do you not get? And Jim Crow laws where saying that blacks where not good enough to go to school with whites ,you do get that right Clarence?
OK the thing that makes me laugh is Thomas used affirmative action to get into yale law school where he sits on the highest court in the land, and now he thinks affirmative action is like the Jim Crowe laws which where meant to keep african americans back, not move them forward, ok if you think that affirmative action is broke, and not working fine, that having a student who makes a lower grade, but still is looked at as the same student then fine make that argument, but for you to compare them to laws which held back the african americans in the 50’s then Thomas you need to have your head examined, did scalia forget to do the test himself this morning? Clarence Affirmative action is good for me, but Jim Crow for you, today’s stupidest person in politics.


2 thoughts on “Clarence Thomas compares affirmative action to Jim Crow laws

  1. clarence thomas stole his comparison of affirmative action to jim crow from an episode of law and order that was almost 20 years old at the time of the court case. The season 5 episode was entitled “rage” and the line about affirmative action being jim crow dressed in 20th century liberalism was spoken by courtney b vance about 3/4 of the way into the show.

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