The media loves dumb stories.

Have you ever noticed when you turn to the news, and you see a story about Brittany Spears showing her bum, LOL on freaking MSNBC, or CNN, OK now i have hit the madia with a lot but the fact is, they deserve it, and the reason why is, they report on garbage like this, we have over 50% of our people in poverty, our children are falling behind in education, our country is headed to a economic collapse, and the media wants to report on Brittany Spear’s bum? LOL No thank you, i turn into the news to find out information but no wonder our voting public is not educated, a populus is only as educated as the news madia helps them to be, with information people will make more informed choices.
But the media does not want the populus informed why? So the companies who own these news stations can keep doing illegal deals, and keep buying our government so they can make more money, and they want to distract us with garbage stories becasue enough people in our country are so sad, and hate their life, that they will take garbage stories to distrat them selves form their life. Think about it, if you work hard, and come home, and you turn on the TV what would be more depressing to hear, 17 million children who are starving, or Brittany Spears bum showing> You would GASP, and giggle at the Brittany story, cry, and get mad at the children who are starving story, and then you would think well how did this happen?
The more you would look, the more info you would find that would show that it is MNC (Multi National Corporations) Who use their unlimited amount of money, to buy the gov to write laws in their favor, and to break the laws without any consequences, that are doing this, paying no taxes, shipping jobs overseas, paying people as little as possible, just to stuff more profits. That is what this is all about.
So what do to? Well it will never be perfect, becasue there will always be people who will like trash stories, but i say if you want those type of stories go to eonline, or people dot com, to get those the news media should be about real topics, not the young turks, talking about snoop dog, or fox talking about liberal hollywood, how the heck is this news? Well if more people would take the remote, and turn em off, and write these stations, and say hey, if you do not cover the stories we want, we will not watch you again. The more viewers they lose, the more money they lose, and that will not sit well with Comcast, Media Corp, or Time Warner, then you might see change, or how about going to political bloggers, fair websites that use only trusted research like politifact, or the encylopedia brittanica, you tube vloggers, who have a trusted reputaion, who will give you real news, then you will see real change, until them sigh Brad, and Angelina, will continue to get more coverage, than starcing kids.


5 thoughts on “The media loves dumb stories.

  1. Hi Michael, It’s all about entertainment with the news now days, nothing about actual reporting. Like the protests in Turkey and Brazil. It’s sad how profits come first before truth now days.

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