Hello, i am the truth teller.

My name is Michael Tackett, and if you are like me, all you see nowadays is lies on the main stream media, some think the media is too liberal, some too conservative, no, the fact is the news media is controlled by 6 huge multi national corporations, who do not care for the truth, the only thing they care for is making money. I happen to think different, i say if you are gonna tell people things you need to tell them the truth, inform them, and lot lie to them. 


This blog will not be for anyone who expects to agree with me all the time, you will not, no one ever does agree with anyone all the time, but i hope you will look at my blogs, and you will see that i am direct, honest, fair, and i always stick to the facts. And i do not play favortism, the news should not be entertainment, or about selling to a demographic, news should be about informing people so they can make better decisions, and to tell them the truth weather or not they like what they hear. Like my blog, and share it, so you can get out the word that we will no longer put up with the lies, and favortism from the main stream media. And also you will also get to see my videos i do on you tube. Thank you, and remember, the only thing that can protect you from lies, is the truth


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